Assistant Manager, IT Analyst Aftersales
  • 职能类别:IT

At the BMW Group, everything starts with passion. It turns a profession into a vocation. It drives us to keep reinventing mobility and bring innovative ideas onto the roads. Enthusiasm for joint projects turns a team into a strong unit where every opinion is valued. It is only when expertise, highly professional processes and enjoyment of work unite that we can shape the future together.

1. Designing and building technical solutions with leading development technologies to build competitive IT development capability with coordinating related Biz and IT department.

2. Managing the (sub) product lifecycle from product / project exploration until product / project close down. Managing product backlog refinement regularly with business priority to ensure the delivery is basing on business value stream.

3. Lead to ensure responsible products' operation fulfill service level agreement.

4. Budget planning and control on responsible product/project, evaluating on potential IT topics from business and supporting business to get topics approved, and managing suppliers sufficient with good product delivery.

What awaits you?

- Communicate with business regarding business requirements, rules, procedures; and ensure completeness of business & system proposals with good quality and understandable by business, support business to get approval from internal circle.

- Cooperate with solution architecture in selected important products to ensure a stable and flexible architecture been setup to enable agile development.

- As a product owner/project manager, to coordinate and perform the activities throughout the project & product lifecycle: project brief, requirement, design, build, validation, deployment and closedown and operations. And ensure product go-live successfully with good quality.

- Capable of leading feature team to provide solution options and create high quality designs and build in solution and ensure the implementation of agreed architecture and infrastructure.

-Lead operation team to fulfil operation target from 1st level to 3rd level.

- Work as international teams and keep positive cooperation attitude collaborating with other IT teams.

- Lead bidding process on new project, and steer external partners when new supplier on board.

- Verify and perform the standard plans and procedures

-Participate in / or lead Quality Assurance reviews

- Support to set up technical standard and master solution and design /utilize tools to execute standard and master solution. Play governance role to ensure internal team working with the same standard and quality.

- Support and follow up with company regulation, policies during project implementation

Qualifications and experience

- Bachelor's degree or above in Information Technology, Business Analysis, Data Algorithm, etc.. Master's degree from well-known university is preferred.

- IT Project management knowledge, advanced data analysis skills and experience are required. Ability to understand code, data analysis and modeling skills are required when cooperating with software engineers and developers.

- Knowledge of automobile aftersales, wholesale and retail business process.

- Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment, good communication skills.

- Analytical mind to problem solving (root cause analysis, ability to look for the 'whole' solution).

- Good presentation skills.

- Fluent in English in both writing and speaking. Working and studying abroad experience are preferred.

- Process-oriented thinking

- Customer orientation

- Must be a team player

- Requirement data analysis, data dashboard, visualization, machine learning, AI deep learning, design, development and implementation of IT solutions.

- Common IT Systems like SAP, Java, Python, SQL, R, tableau, PowerBI .NET, C# etc.

- Leading a virtual project team.

- Working experience in an international enterprise, preferably some years abroad.

- Time management, Conflict Management, Configuration Management, Project Management.

- Supplier management experience, preferred international scope.

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